Lake Chapala, Mexico
July 2017

Three Jewels
New York City

February 11, 2018

Geshe Michael teaches a beautiful series of meditations during the Gift of Liberation Retreat at Lake Chapala, Mexico that trains us to develop deep states of single-pointed focus. These meditations move through the various causes for higher states of being–through the form and formless realms. Traditionally though, these meditations are avoided and only taught to advanced practitioners because they can cause extreme mental dullness and unproductive attachment to intense meditative states of mental and physical pleasures.

Following Master Asanga, Geshe Michael takes these meditations to the next level by turning them into a clear practice–the Dance of the Lion–for the highest realizations. Here we develop a way of generating and becoming familiar with these various states of mind and then move into a deep practice of emptiness, to see how our own Teachers arise from our previous kindnesses.

Below is the audio of the meditation in English and Spanish, an extensive description of the mediation by Geshe Michael Roach, as well as the Tibetan source text.

Sources for this meditation include:

The Jewel of Realizations (Abhisamayalankara) by Lord Maitreya, recorded by Arya Asanga (350ad)

An Ocean of Fine Explanation: An Analysis of Profound Dependence, by Ngawang Trashi, of the Clan of Sey (1678-1738)

A Collection of Pieces in Supplication and Praise of a Variety of Gods of Wishes by His Holiness the Third Panchen Lama, Pelden Yeshe (1738-1780) 

The Necklace of Fine Explanation for the Fortunate: An Overview which Illuminates Difficult Points in the “Illumination of the True Thought,” a Treatise upon the Classical Commentary entitled “Entering the Middle Way,” by Sera Jetsun Chukyi Gyeltsen (1469-1546)

A Commentary on the 70 Topics, by the Holy One, by Sera Jetsun Chukyi Gyeltsen (1469-1546); The Great Presentation of the Interlude on Emptiness: A Classical Commentary which Opens the Eyes of the Fortunate, Clarifying Perfectly the Profound Concept of Emptiness, the Suchness of All Things, by Kedrup Je Gelek Pel Sangpo (1385-1438)

The Perfection of Wisdom in 10,000 Lines, by Lord Budda (500bc)

The "Light of the Sun," an Ocean of the Word of Fine Commentary, in Explanation of the Root Summary on Buddhist Discipline, by Tsonawa Sherab Sangpo (a Kagyu lama from the 1200’s)

The Jewel of the Essence of the Explication, by Gyaltsab Je Darma Rinchen (1364-1432)