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ACI Teacher Accreditation Training
Module 3: Applied Meditation (ACI 3)

Oct 3- 12, 2019
Nagarjuna Retreat + ACI TT

Oct 13-17, 2019
Intensive Teacher Training Retreat
Diamond Mountain


ACI continues this summer with its third teacher training module in two parts: 1) in-person training at Diamond Mountain with Geshe Michael Roach and Senior ACI Faculty at the Wisdom of Nagarjuna Retreat, and 2) then an intensive five days at Diamond Mountain Retreat Center with ACI Faculty to train more deeply and delicately as an ACI Teacher.

Join us to hone and master your skills as a teacher, as we pass along the depth and greatness of the ACI core teachings to future generations. This training will be an on-going series of LIVE and ONLINE modules, which all will lead you to continue making these teachings alive for modern peoples and cultures around the world.

While the modules are cumulative, you do not need to complete the earlier ones to apply to attend.


The Wisdom of Nagarjuna - Course 2
Retreat Intensive with ACI 3

Oct 3-12, 2019
Diamond Mountain Retreat Center
Bowie, AZ


Geshe Michael Roach returns to Diamond Mountain for a 10-day retreat exploration of Nagarjuna's Wisdom. We will investigate the deeper meanings of his writings, and how to apply his understanding of reality to our daily lives.

Geshe Michael Roach is now reteaching the original Asian Classics Institute Foundation Series of classes live over the next five years. In this intensive, he will be reteaching ACI 3: Applied Meditation providing us not only with new insights from his continuous study and translation of ancient texts and commentaries found in ACIP digital database, but also with guidance of how all of us can to continue teaching this materials for generations to come and making relevant connections with the ever shifting landscapes of modern life.

2019 Event Schedule

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