The Angel Debates a Devil

March 1-3, 2019
Red Western Tower
6490 State Route 179, Sedona, AZ

Geshe Michael Roach will be offering three days of special teachings on meditation and the nature of the mind in Sedona, A\Z. These teachings are taken directly from The Angel Debates The Devil, a dialogue between the good and evil that happens in our mind, by Lobsang Chukyi Gyeltsen.

March 1: 7-9pm Lecture
March 2: Morning Meditation/Yoga, 7-9pm Lecture
March 3: Morning Meditation/Yoga, 3-5pm Lecture


Empty Coming, Mental Bombs
retreat Intensive

April 12-21, 2019
Diamond Mountain Retreat Center
Bowie, AZ, USA

Our 32nd Steps to the Path Retreat will be held at Diamond Mountain Retreat Center on April 12-19, 2019.  The retreat includes three major parts: Mental Minefields: Search & Destroy, Empty Going & Empty Coming: A New Way to Live our Life, and Training to Become a Meditation Guide: Training #4: A Garden for Planting Goodness.

2019 Retreat Schedule

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2019 Public Talk Schedule

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