Wisdom | Part One
An Exploration of the Greatest Wisdom from the Ancient Sage

OCtober 4-13, 2018
Diamond Mountain Retreat Center

Starting in October, Geshe Michael Roach will begin a new translation of Master Nagarjuna's (~250AD) masterpiece, simply titled Wisdom. Following the success of the Master Kamalashila retreat programs, we will begin an intensive study of this text, and offer a deep retreat experience at Diamond Mountain Retreat Center. Along with classes with Geshe Michael each day, we will offer new ways of learning and engaging this wisdom in daily life.


The Devil Debates an Angel

November 16-18, 2018
Sedona, AZ

Geshe Michael Roach will be offering two days of special teachings on higher reality in Sedona this fall. These teachings are taken directly from The Angel Debates The Devil, an ancient Tibetan teaching on emptiness by Lobsang Chukyi Gyeltsen, who lived 1565-1662. The text is at the same time, extremely funny and extremely deep. It will help us be successful in this life, and learn how to develop the skills necessary to confront any obstacle to meditation and understanding emptiness.