Teacher Training Intensive

ACI Course 1 and 2:
The Three Principal Paths and BuddHist Refuge
April 13-22,2018
Diamond Mountain Retreat Center

Coming in 2018, the Asian Classics Institute will begin a yearly teacher training intensive. Geshe Michael Roach will be teaching the ACI courses once again, two courses per intensive. The Institute will also train teachers and help them develop the necessary skills to accurately pass on the material, and make it relevant and accessible to modern day students. The main elements of the curriculum will address content, teaching skills, professional behavior and production/marketing techniques.

This is an exciting new offering of the Asian Classics Institute. Our goal is make the training FREE to those who qualify to attend, and open up the reteaching of the original ACI courses to anyone interested in attending, to learn directly from Geshe Michael.

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If you'd like to support this program, and help make it free for everyone, we are looking to raise approximately $125K for the training. Please Donate Here for a tax-deductible donation to ACI.