ACI Teacher Training Module 1:
The Principal Teachings of Buddhism

No, I’m not teaching Tibetan language, I’m not teaching books, I’m not teaching rituals, I’m not teaching meditation or retreats, or how to be a monk or nun, I’m only teaching how to serve people, then if you are kelwa sangpo, if you are a person of incredible good fortune, your heart leaps to hear it said. We teach serving others. You feel a chill up your spine. You start to cry. Finally I found someone who is teaching the right thing. And your heart knows that’s true. So when you come here to learn, you must think only, ‘I’m coming to serve’.
— Geshe Michael Roach

APPLICATIONS DUE: March 25, 2019
Acceptance Letters: April 2, 2019

Join us on a Journey to Mastery


ACI is launching its first live teacher training during the Lam Rim intensive event at Diamond Mountain in April.

Join us to take the first step to hone and master your skills as a teacher, as we pass along the depth and greatness of the ACI core teachings to future generations. This training will be an on-going series of LIVE and ONLINE modules, which all will lead you to continue making these teachings alive for modern peoples and cultures around the world.

The long term vision is to develop teacher certifications levels, from those who teach privately to those who are faculty members of our largest retreat events. We will have specializations in retreat facilitation, meditation, Lam Rim, practice modules and new content development strategies from the foundational teachings.

Module 1: The Principal Teachings of Buddhism

  • ACI 1 Course with Geshe Michael Roach, including additional teaching insights and learnings

  • Content Mastery of ACI 1

  • Develop presentation skills through a uniquely designed daily, practicuum workshop series. You’ll be teaching from the very first day, receiving peer and expert feedback for quick growth opportunities

  • Workshop on what it means to be teacher, and a teacher of spiritual content in a modern world

  • Each student will develop a mentor relationship with a Senior ACI teacher to foster the learning process and answer in-depth personal questions

  • Learn the foundational methodology of creating RealApps, and how to integrate the ancient wisdom into real problems and solutions in modern life

  • And more…


Daily Schedule

7:00am Light Breakfast

7:30-11:00am Gift of Liberation Teachings with Geshe Michael Roach

11:30-12:30pm Yoga/Exercise

12:45-1:45pm Lunch

2:00-6:00pm Teacher Training Workshops (Debate, Presentations, Lectures)

6:00-7:00pm Dinner

7:00-9:00pm ACI 1 with Teaching Insights with Geshe Michael Roach


Application Fee: $0

Module 1 Training at Diamond Mountain: $495 + Cost to Attend the Retreat

Learn More about Lam Rim Retreat here

Path to ACI Teacher Accreditation


The path to receive accreditation and to maintain accreditation will include many facets, such as:

  1. In-person trainings, around the world

  2. Online trainings

  3. Living Lineage Credits

  4. Demonstration of Content and Meditation Mastery

  5. Honing of Presentation and Production Skills

  6. Community Outreach Activities and Planning

  7. Being a Living Example (ethical, financial, positive student and peer evaluations)

Those who receive accreditation will be featured on our website and first be asked to take part in our larger events as faculty members. The full path to accreditation is still in the works with our educational committee, and we will be sharing the results of that hard work over the next few months. If you would like to participate in this effort, please send us an email.

Prior Teaching Experience & Accreditation

There are many great teachers who have studied and completed the ACI courses, and have been teaching all over the world for many years. It’s important to us that everyone, who solidly knows and has integrated this material in their lives and has become a Living Example, pass along this wisdom to the next generations. We also know that accreditation courses may not be a possibility or choice right now. Those who want to continue teaching privately may do so and should. We will also be publishing and constantly updating the list of the people who have completed the ACI courses and have received certifications from us, so future students may research the qualifications of their personal teacher.

All Accredited Teachers will be asked to complete certain yearly requirements and evaluations. These will include in-person education opportunities (retreats, public talks etc), online modules and trainings, student evaluations, committee evaluations of teachings, Living Example measurements (ethics review, financial review) and demonstration of active community service.


APPLICATIONS DUE: March 25, 2019
Acceptance Letters: April 2, 2019