Teacher Training 2018

The ACI teacher training will be a focussed program covering the 18 ACI foundation courses, with emphasis on teaching methods, program production, effective communication, and relationship with students.  The first one will be scheduled in 2018. 


More than 200,000 pages of brilliant commentary have been composed by masters and scholars in the Tibetan language. The aim of this project is to create and guide a team of students to translate these great classics. We’re beginning by translating into English, and from there, the work will be easily translated into modern Chinese, Spanish, German, Russian and many other languages.

Digital Archives

The digital archives is an active collection of audio and video recordings of teachings by Geshe Michael Roach and his teachers, along with his translations and commentaries on scriptures created by the great masters of Buddhism.  All of this material is accompanied by the original Tibetan and is freely available for download on this website and on our sister site, The Knowledge Base.

Community Outreach

ACI's mission also includes putting the teachings into practice and taking them out into our communities to directly serve others. In Arizona, there are many immigrants who struggle to make a living and to have access to education ACI supports programs to help the children of immigrants, with language instruction, funding for higher education initiatives and other support programs in underserved communities.

Foreign study 

Since 2004, the Foreign Study Program, started by Geshe Michael Roach,  has sent over 50 students to a number of institutions abroad to study Tibetan language, culture, and religion. Previous participants are now active translating and teaching this material.  Students who cannot afford to go receive scholarships for airfare as well as for room and board.


Our goal is to make the teachings accessible to everyone, regardless of financial capacity.  Each year, we support many students on full and partial scholarships. Up to 25% of the participants in our programs are on one of the many types of grants we offer.