Feb 8, 2019
one night only with Geshe Michael Roach

Lincoln Center
Bruno Walter Auditorium
New York City

We all dream of a magical love that will last forever. When we find love, everything feels perfect. We crave long-lasting affection in relationships and want to build successful partnerships and special connections all the time. But we stumble and fall again and again without knowing the deeper causes of our dissatisfaction.

This cycle is old as humanity itself. In the 2nd century CE, the classical author Nagarjuna answered our longing by gathering some of the greatest wisdom on love. He was famous for connecting with the wisdom of snake-like dragons who hoard wealth, jewels, and especially knowledge. These snakes, however, can “charm” us with the special understanding that things are not the way they appear!

This brilliant wisdom of Nagarjuna, now shared with us by Geshe Michael Roach, shows how to give and receive more affection with everyone we meet. Ultimately, love serves a purpose beyond our own close relationships, to make a world full of compassion bigger than we can imagine.

This Valentine’s Day, don’t passively wait to fall in love; take wise action to make sure you have that special love forever and help that dream come true for all.

Diamond Club VIP Fundraiser Lunch

Join us for a special private teaching with Geshe Michael Roach after the public event. He will take a deep dive into Nagarjuna, providing some never before heard teachings on Nagarjuna’s Wisdom.

The event helps support ACI activities, and specifically, this event will help launch our 2019 Global Summit of ACI Teacher’s to set this upcoming year’s strategy to train more qualified teachers and spread the wisdom to more places in the world.

Feb 9, 2019 - 11am
Union Square Cafe
101 E19th St, NYC

Diamond Level - $1357
Seat + Private Meeting with Geshe Michael

Platinum Level - $1000
Seat with Geshe Michael at Luncheon

Gold Level - $750
Luncheon + Meeting with Geshe Michael at Public Talk

Silver Level - $500
Luncheon Attendance