NaGARJUNA Retreat: Part II
october 3-12, 2019

An exploration of The Greatest Wisdom from the Ancient Sage

In the pristine, high desert of Arizona, we will go into a 10-day retreat exploration of Nagarjuna's Wisdom. We will investigate the deeper meanings of his writings, and how to apply his understanding of reality to our daily lives.

In this program, we will dive deeply into new practices as well as offer new ways of learning and engaging this wisdom for daily live. We will have an intensive training and teaching session in the morning for four hours, and then the rest of the day will be spent in deep retreat to practice and integrate what we have learned in the morning. We will be encouraged to take the material and develop tools to apply the ancient wisdom in our daily life.

Come, and have fun with friends from many regions of the world, including Europe, South America, South and East Asia, who have the same dreams as you.

ACI 3 WITH Geshe Michael ROACH

Geshe Michael Roach is now reteaching the original Asian Classics Institute Foundation Series of classes live over the next five years. He will be teaching these along side the primary topics of our intensive teaching events to connect us to them in a contemporary light.

In these courses, he providing us not only with new insights from his continuous study and translation of ancient texts and commentaries found in ACIP digital database, but also with guidance of how we can to continue to teach this material for generations to come and make strong, relevant connections with the ever shifting landscapes of modern life.

Join us for this historical reteaching of the ACI Foundation Courses, to hear the words directly from Geshe Michael.

First Day Schedule (Thursday 10/3/19):
9:00am Bus Departure from Tucson
12:00am: Registration/Cottage Orientation
1:00pm: Lunch
4:00pm: Gates Closed - No late arrivals
5:00pm: Dinner

*Because of the remote nature of Diamond Mountain and the necessities of cottage orientation, you must arrive by 4pm on Thursday, Oct 3 2019 or you will not be allowed to participate in the retreat. No refunds for late arrivals*

Last Day Schedule (Saturday 10/12/19):
8:30-12:30pm Last Class
12:30pm: Lunch and Departures
2:00pm: Bus Departure for Tucson

*If you would like to leave earlier or have a need outside of the normal departures, there is a $225 fee for a private car to take you to Tucson. It is highly recommended to plan according to the schedule of classes, since we are at least two hours away from Tucson Airport*


Room Descriptions & Prices

WAIT LIST: If you would like us to inform you of any openings in the retreat valley (not camping!), please register here. We will inform you in the order the registrations are received in the case we have a cancellation.

PRIORITY WAIT LIST: Register for camping and jump to the top of the list for any available upgrades. Please note that we have a cancellation policy that will be in-force for this option. $600USD

CAMPING: In the lower valley, near main teaching classroom. You are responsible to bring your own equipment. ACI has tents and pads available for rent for an additional $100USD. Please contact us if you'd like to take the option. $600USD



3 Weeks Prior to event: 100%
2 Weeks Prior to event: 50%
1 Week Priort to event: 20%
After event begins: 0%

******SOLD OUT BELOW******
There are one yurt available in the retreat valley that has two single beds. Bathroom/Kitchen are in separate buildings and require and outdoor walk. Each bed is $749USD. This is a shared yurt.

4 Person Room: These rooms are throughout the retreat valley and primarily have bunk beds in them. Will have a shared bathroom/kitchen with other rooms. $850

2-3 Person Room:  Single beds in a room. May have a shared bathroom/kitchen with other rooms. $929

Semi-Private: Mostly private room, but others may use the bathroom/kitchen in same room by passing through this room. $999

Private Room: Completely private room that has a shared bathroom/kitchen with other rooms. $1099

Private Room (Couple): Completely private room that has a shared bathroom/kitchen with other rooms. The bed is a queen sized bed. $1,649

Private Cottage:  Completely private room, bathroom and kitchen. Can be for single person or a couple sharing a bed. $1,499

Private Cottage (Couple): Completely private room, bathroom and kitchen. This is sharing a queen-sized bed. $2,049

Diamond Club Rooms: 
This option provides for more amenities and is a fundraiser for ACI. This will help ACI grow its donor base and management, establish and manage ACI teacher certifications and serve to promote our events. $3,500

Additional amenities:

  • Private Room/Cottage depending on availability

  • Included car pickup/drop-off at Tucson Airport

  • Pick-up and Drop-off at cottage door each morning/evening

  • Selection of food delivered to your private room

  • Commemorative Reading

  • and others...