The five Mysteries

The final teaching of the Kamalashila Series with Geshe Michael Roach
April 24-27, 2018

During the last two years, in silent retreats at Diamond Mountain Retreat Center, we’ve learned and meditated upon the great ideas of the Diamond Cutter Sutra.  We’ve used the ancient Indian commentary of Master Kamalashila, with secrets that haven’t been explored for over a thousand years.

Master Kamalashila.jpg

In the final teaching of this series, the Buddha answers five mysterious questions from his student, Subhuti:

1) How do I build a Buddha paradise?

2) Is the Diamond Cutter a book, or an idea?

3) How can you write if the pen never touches the paper?

4) How did I help make the Buddha get enlightened, before I even met him?

5) Should I say I know, when I do, or say I don’t?

Somewhere in the answers to all these questions is the key to getting everything we want in our life.  We’ll explore the inside of our minds during the all-day retreat, following a daily, dawn session, exploring these questions.  You’ll also learn new parts of the Lion’s Dance that we’ve never covered before to go deeper.


If you have interest in a Master Kamalashila catchup course, please contact us at for more info

First Day Schedule (Tues 4/24/18):
8:30am Bus Departure from Tuscon
10:00am: Registration/Cottage Orientation
12:00pm: Lunch
1:00pm: Gates Closed - No late arrivals
1:00pm: Opening Remarks/Silence Begins

*Because we are going into silent retreat, we want to respect everyone's needs to move into silence and all the time necessary for retreat preparations. You must arrive by 1pm on April 23, 2018 or you will not be allowed to participate in the retreat. No refunds for late arrivals*

Last Day Schedule (Friday 4/27/18):
8:00-11:30am Last Class
12:00pm: Lunch and Departures
2:30pm: Bus Departure for Tuscon

*If you would like to leave earlier or have a need outside of the normal departures, there is a $125 fee for a private car to take you to Tucson. It is highly recommended to plan according to the schedule of classes, since we are at least two hours away from Tucson Airport*

If you would like to extend your retreat by an extra three days (April 27-30, 2018) and go into deeper silence and practice, once you register click here to sign-up at a special discounted price of $200.



$2500      Diamond Club Fundraiser*

$649        4 Person Room (Bunk Beds)

$725        2 Person Room (Single Beds)

$849        Semi-Private Room (Shared Kitchen/Bathroom)
$699        Additional Person (Shared Bed)
                This room may have people pass through

$949        Private Room (Shared Kitchen/Bathroom) 
$749        Additional Person (Shared Bed) 

$1149      Private Cottage
$949        Additional Person (Shared Bed)

$499        Camping

$849        Yurt
$699        Additional Person (Shared Bed)

    *This option provides for more amenities and is a fundraiser for ACI. This will help ACI grow its donor base and management, establish and manage ACI teacher certifications and serve to promote our events.

    Additional advantages:

    • Private Room/Cottage depending on availability
    • Included car pickup/drop-off at Tucson Airport
    • Pick-up and Drop-off at cottage door each morning/evening
    • Selection of food delivered to your private room
    • Commemorative Reading
    • and others...

    Daily Schedule

    This program is a retreat intensive, where Geshe Michael teaches only once per day and then the participants return to their retreat cottages to practice and integrate the material. All the tools you need for a deep retreat will be provided, including nutritionally balanced and nourishing vegetarian/ vegan meals to enhance your retreat experience. We encourage you to also do your own yoga practice each day to keep your body fresh while experiencing extended periods of meditation.

    If you would like to extend your retreat by an extra three days (April 27-30, 2018) and go into deeper silence and practice, once you register click here to sign-up at a special discounted price of $200.