Dreams & Lightning

Kamalashila's Surprise Ending to the Diamond Cutter Sutra

The Diamond Cutter Sutra is perhaps the greatest book ever written on this planet—and the explanation of it by the ancient sage Kamalashila is the deepest there is.  Here are the famous last words of the sutra:

Caused by anything
Is a star, dust in your eye;
A candle, an illusion,
Dew, a bubble, dreams & lightning—
Passing like a cloud.

This October, at Diamond Mountain Retreat Center, we’ll be studying Kamalashila’s surprise ending to the Diamond Cutter.  He teaches us how to develop five different sets of eyes, so that we can see far beyond what we see now.

Amazingly, he also predicts the worldview of science: a belief held so deeply by everyone on this globe that we aren’t even aware we have it.  And in a few brilliant pages, he tears down this worldview, and replaces it with a way of looking at the world which will lead to a planet of peace and enlightenment.

This is a total-silence deep retreat after the Gift of Liberation retreat at Diamond Mountain, restricted to those who want to go farther.  Our main meditation practice will be the next steps of the famous meditation taught by Lord Buddha, called “The Lion’s Dance.”  Combined with the Diamond Cutter, there’s nothing better for your life.


Special Topic - Dance of the Lion

Geshe Michael will also be teaching a special topic during the retreat on the Dance of the Lion, which dives deep into a practice on emptiness and karma. This meditation teaches us how to develop bright, single-pointed awareness and then open a space for seeing the deeper aspects of reality.  Part one was taught in Lake Chapala, Mexico, and we will continue to elucidate this practice and its finer points. Click below to learn more about the first part, and join us for Part II.

Daily Schedule

This program is a retreat intensive, where Geshe Michael teaches only once per day and then the participants return to their retreat cottages to practice and integrate the material. All the tools you need for a deep retreat will be provided, including nutritionally balanced and nourishing vegetarian/ vegan meals to enhance your retreat experience. We encourage you to also do your own yoga practice each day to keep your body fresh while experiencing extended periods of meditation.


If you have interest in a Master Kamalshila catchup course, please contact us at info@asianclassicsinstitute.org for more info


Master Kamalashila Series

This is the fourth of the a series of courses on the Diamond Cutter Sutra. This profound wisdom from Master Kamalashila's commentary on one of the Buddha's greatest teachings has been elucidated by Geshe Michael Roach in these deep retreat settings at Diamond Mountain. Click below for information about the previous classes.