The Great EscApe Retreat

from A Story That doesn't have to happen
April 13-22, 2018

In the pristine, high desert of Arizona, on April 13-22, we will go into a 10-day retreat to gain freedom from the 6 Problems of Life, forever. We will learn how these problems show up in our lives, how we obviously and subtly perpetuate them, and how we can escape from them with powerful methods to increase our practical wisdom and compassion.

Which one of these problems do you have?


1) I never feel sure what’s going to happen in my life.  This makes me very nervous about the future of my job and my family.

2) No matter how much I get, I never feel satisfied.  I always feel restless, like I am missing something.  My life doesn’t feel complete.

3) Every time something is going good in my relationships or my job, my friends and my family, it always seems to fall apart again.

4) And when things fall apart, I have to start all over again, with a new relationship, or a new job.  It’s exhausting to have to start over, again and again.

5) The ups and downs of my life are making me crazy.  I wish something would stay the same just for a few months or a few years.  I’m so tired of things changing all the time.

6) As I go through my life, I become more and more aware that I am alone.  Of course I have my family, and my friends, and my colleagues from work.  But I know that, in the end, I am always alone.  Is there some way that I could guarantee I will always be with family and friends, for my whole life, and even beyond death?

During this retreat at Diamond Mountain Retreat Center, we will work together to overcome these problems.  We will use the ancient wisdom from the famous book of Pabongka Rinpoche called A Gift of Liberation, and apply it in practical ways to our modern lives.  We will be covering every word carefully, along with daily meditations, yoga and a 3-Day Silent retreat to help us discover and integrate the way out.

Come, and have fun with friends from many regions of the world, including Europe, South America, South and East Asia, who have the same dreams as you.

First Day Schedule (Friday 4/13/18):
9:30am Bus Departure from Tucson
11:00am: Registration/Cottage Orientation
12:00pm: Lunch
3:00pm: Gates Closed - No late arrivals
5:00pm: Dinner

*Because of the remote nature of Diamond Mountain and the necessities of cottage orientation, you must arrive by 3pm on April 13, 2018 or you will not be allowed to participate in the retreat. No refunds for late arrivals*

Last Day Schedule (Sunday 4/22/18):
8:00-11:30am Last Class
12:00pm: Lunch and Departures
2:30pm: Bus Departure for Tucson

*If you would like to leave earlier or have a need outside of the normal departures, there is a $125 fee for a private car to take you to Tucson. It is highly recommended to plan according to the schedule of classes, since we are at least two hours away from Tucson Airport*